May Technology Have a Broader Stage.

Shanghai, China, 2019

Vision of TechX

We aim to push the young people of China towards what they need most: to use their brilliant minds to invent, create, and change the lives of millions.  

The young people of China are passionate, sincere, full of promising raw creativity, and above all, hungry for inspiration and direction. Facing the enormous and rapidly deve-loping world of technological innovations, however, they feel the pain-ful absence of proper guidance and effective means of access to resources.  

Rising to this extraordinary occasion, TechX takes on the responsibility of bridging the youth of china and the pinnacle of today’s technology.

During the ten days of TechX, our students will dive deep into 5 categories of cutting edge technology. the Summit’s Mentors come from Stanford University, Tsinghua University, iCenter, Unity, and the Academy of Satellite innovation Research of CAS to teach a core curriculum that is also based on courses from these top-tier institutions. TechX provides a habitat in which students can refine their own expertise while explo-ring new fields of science. Towards the end of the Summit, students will spend 48 hours on a culminating hackathon:a hands-on experience known as The Capstone Project.

As a companion to our core curriculum and our elite Mentors , TechX has invited stu-dents from MIT, Cambridge, Tsinghua, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon and other top engi-neering universities around the globe to be Mentor Assistants for our students. Not only will the provide excellent support from an academic standpoint, but these Mentor Assistants, being students themselves or not long ago, can further administer their youthful insight in broader aspects of life  and help our students develop holistically.

TechX is also a platform designed for outstanding individuals to learn from their peers. Every summer, hundreds diverse high schoolers with their unique set of skills, expe-riences, and points of view come to TechX, united by their common sense of strong motivation. TechX provides an opportunity for young people in search for intellectual allies, constructive competition, and life-long friendships.

These past two years, with utmost guidance and support from worldwide entrepreneurs and technology gurus, TechX has constructed a bridge consisting of conventional education and world-leading technology. Today we present it to the youth of China.

A brand new experience

All in one place.

All TechX professors come from the highest level of education and scientific research. They are not only industry leaders and technology experts, but also enthusiastic believers and innovators. They will stop at nothing to lead students deep into their field of expertise. TechX believes these Mentors  will not only bring to our students cutting-edge knowledge, but also infinite revelation and inspiration.

The courses that TechX offers differs from traditional classes in their emphasis on Mentor-student interaction. The core of TechX persists in working together with exper-ienced experts in to design the best possible learning curve for our students. Students will preview core material before the Summit, and then, under the guidance of our Mentors , dive deeper into a field of their passion.

TechX draws its Mentor Assistants from top engineering colleges all over the world, from MIT and UPenn in the States, to University of Cambridge in the UK, to Tsinghua Univeristy in China. Our Mentor Assistants are extremely conver-sant in their fields, yet they are only a few years older than their mentees. They may be  Olympic gold medalists, hackathon finalists, and even resear-chers in national researches, but the memory of fighting through thousands of lines of code to get where they are, as well as the memory of struggling to grow into a young adult are still fresh in their mind. They are very accomplished, yet they also understand and empathize with what our students are going through.

Our Mentor Assistants  share the same passion of technology that we expect from our students. They crave to learn and improve along with their mentees, and will never hold back on imparting their knowledge. These Mentor Assi-stants will work, eat, and even sleep under the same roof as our students. Their job is to help academically, but their passion is to influence and communicate with their peers. Our Mentor Assistants will pass on their insights of study habits, as well as share their high school and college experien-ces. Mentor Assistants will help TechX students broaden their horizon both academically and in life by becoming an exemplary example.

During the last two days of the Summit, TechX will host our annual “Capstone Hackathon.” Students create their own teams, where  academic knowledge mashes with innovative creativity to create the perfect project. There are no boundaries, no restrictions, and defin-itely no budget. The only challenge here is time. TechX’s team of Mentor Assistants will be on a 24 hour shift helpingout students with their ideas. Many Capstone projects go on to be more than just a prototype, they have entered competitions, applied for patents, and are even commercially produced. Not only do these projects serve as an excellent college application supplement, but the experience itself becomes great material for the Common Application essay. In a world obsessed with results, TechX is devoted to the journey

Upon review the very first TechX appli-cation, we abandoned the traditional preference for standardized test scores, competition awards and leadership status. Instead, we search for passion. We want to ensure that the young pioneers that step foot through our gates possess the fire necessary for progressing through our summit. Once you become a TechX student, you will be surrounded by fellow idealists who think smart, optimists who dream big, perfectionists who focus meticulously on every detail. Your GitHub master roommate might have a thousand stars already, but the amateur electrician next door might also have a fair chance of winning the final prize after nights of relentlessly refining his UVA project. At TechX, passion is the true key that unlocks success.

In addition to the intense academic experience, TechX balances student life with various activities through our special House Competition system.

Using a unique “Sorting Hat” algorithm considering personality traits and hobby interests, students are placed into one of eight houses at the beginning of the Summit. Each house represents a distinct characteristic of innovation. From academic performa-nce to extra-curricular activities, we expect our students to carry out the spirit of true pioneers, all the while with their team behind them. Their house will be their mountain to fall back on, and the accomplishment and challenges of every individual reflects on the house as a whole, creating unbreakable bonds and a true understandings of teamwork. True friendships are made by going through hardships together. By the end of the Summit, these teammates graduate to become lifelong friends, academic rivals, or even start-up partners.

The road to technological advancement is endless, who better to explain this void than the forerunners of our current technological world. During the summit, nume-rous experts came to explain their theories, scientists came to unfold their disco-veries, and entrepreneurs came to tell their tales. Even after their offering, these speakers stay to exchange ideas and concepts with the students, waiting for that bright individual to catch their eye. From knowledge on specific tech fields, to lessons on start-up hardships, to potential employment, TechX provides endless opportunities to our students through the event of guest speakers.

People you will meet at TechX 2018

They will guide your growth at the summit.

"I found that the mentors are so amicable from the first day: they would patiently answer our immature questions and discuss about all kinds of interesting things unrelated to coursework with us. Although I felt desperate when doing the capstone project, it was the companions of mentors and academic leads that gave us the courage to type all codes and go through the tedious debugging period."

Yao Wang, TechX 2016er, student from Ningbo Xiaoshi Middle School

TechX 2018 Mentors

Not only mentors for technology, but also role models for life.

Mentors from MIT Media Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, Tsinghua University, and Silicon Valley will guide you into your favorite technology domain, teach you how to design your capstone project, and answer any question for implementation. They impart knowledge. But more importantly, they provide you with numerous opportunities.

TechX 2018 Mentors

TechX mentors are not only professionals. They aspire to bring more young people into the fields they are excited about.

And more...
New Beginning

The best is yet to come.

2018 is a new beginning. We made everything much better.